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Welcome Message by Prof. Dr. Moritz Hennemann, MJur (Oxon.)

„Any data law instrument should define, in line with the G7 digital ministers, a trusted free flow of data as the conceptional starting point. It should be aimed at a facilitating data use, promoting data markets, removing barriers to entry in data markets, and countering (contractual) imbalances.“

M. Hennemann, in P. Lamy et al. (eds.), Global Governance for the Digital Ecosystems
(CERRE Report, November 2022), p. 99

Upcoming conference in collaboration with the MPIIC
Munich, 7 – 8 December 2023


Countries with Data Protection Legislation

Countries considering Draft Data Protection Legislation

Countries lacking comprehensive Data Protection Legislation

based on data by Greenleaf (2023) and UNCTAD (2021)